Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fireworks safety assembly

Key Stage 2 took part in a firework safety assembly today. Our School Saftey Officers led the assembly and shared some of the rules to remember to make sure that children stay safe during firework displays. The rules they shared included:

1. Only adults should deal with fireworks
2. Watch from a safe distance, preferably from indoors
3. Keep pets away from fireworks, they are often very frightened
4. Never touch a firework, even once it has finished
5. If you are outside, make sure you wear bright clothes so you can easily be seen.
6. If you have a sparkler - Never put it in your pocket
                                        Never pick one up off the floor
                                        Never light more than one at a time
                                        Hold it at arm's length and wear gloves
                                        Put it in a bucket of water when it is finished

Remember - stay safe on Bonfire Night.

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